In-Construction Stormwater Projects

College View Stormwater Improvement Project (York Community High School)

Status: In-construction

The creation of flood storage in the open space areas adjacent to York Community High School, in conjunction with the construction of relief sewers, would significantly reduce the risk of flooding for the homes in the College View flood problem area in Elmhurst. The goal of this project is to provide a location to safely hold stormwater while maintaining the existing recreational uses of the school site. Conceptual facility improvement plans will be developed with the intent of maintaining the existing soccer field/track and field facilities on these sites. 

During significant storm events, pipes would divert water away from the flood-prone areas and convey it into the flood storage areas on the York Community High School property. The facilities would be designed to completely fill for the 100-year design storm event; stormwater would be held temporarily at the site and then drain by gravity to the existing storm sewer system. The total period of inundation would be less than 24 hours. For storm events that exceed a 100-year frequency, an emergency overland flow route will be constructed that passes excess flows to the west. This maintains the current drainage patterns in this area and protects the buildings on the school property from flooding.

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