Completed Projects

Crescent Ave/ Cambridge Ave Stormwater Improvement Project (York Commons)

Creating flood storage in the open space portions of York Commons Park would significantly reduce the risk of flooding in three of Southwest Elmhurst’s flood-prone areas, specifically:  Crescent Avenue, Washington Street, and Swain Avenue/ Vallette Street.
Estimated Construction Start: Summer 2016
Estimated Construction Completion:  May 2017
Estimated Budget$2,2108,151

York Commons Fact Sheet
Crescent Ave/Cambridge Ave (York Commons) Project Updates
Letter from Elmhurst Park District to City of Elmhurst -Use of Valve 01/29/16

York/I-290 Stormwater Improvement Project

Creating additional flood storage in the existing detention basins located at the intersection of York Street and I-290, in conjunction with the construction of relief sewers, would significantly reduce the risk of flooding for homes along Larch Avenue and Addison Avenue. Additionally, the expansion of the flood storage area would reduce the roadway flooding that makes York Street impassable during severe storm events.

The existing detention basins located at the intersection of York Street and I-290 have an approximately 10-year capacity. For storm events that exceed a 10-year frequency, the detention basins will overflow, resulting in significant roadway flooding and road closures in this location.  The goal of this project is to improve the function of the existing drainage system by increasing both the capacity of the existing pipe system and the capacity of the existing detention basin. Conveyance improvements, in conjunction with the creation of additional flood storage volume, would provide valuable flood-reductions benefits to the Larch Avenue and York Street flood problem areas. Relief sewers would be constructed that extend from the low areas of Larch Avenue and Addison Avenue to the detention basins located at York Street/I-290.  

Estimated Construction Start: Fall 2016
Estimated Construction Completion: July 2017
Estimated Budget:   $1,340,000
York/I-290 Fact Sheet
York/I-290 Project Updates

Police Station Rain Garden

The Project Involves the construction and maintenance of a rain garden, sized between 800 and 1,200 square feet, to include an engineered soil mix to promote infiltration, as well as a variety of native shrubs, grasses, and forbs, immediately south of the Police Station.  The goal is to reduce the runoff of pollutants, such as suspended solids, metals, and nutrients, which eventually flow into Salt Creek.  Two of the downspouts from the Police Station roof will be redirected from the storm sewer into this rain garden.  The City was awarded a DuPage County Water Quality Improvement Program grant for a portion of this demonstration rain garden.  Installation is scheduled for Spring of 2017.

Police Station Rain Garden Conceptual Drawing

Walnut-Myrtle-Evergreen Stormwater Improvement Project 

 This project will entail the construction of a series of storm sewers pipes along various streets and a drainage outfall to the Elmhurst Quarry to provide overland flood relief in the Walnut/Myrtle/Evergreen flood problem area, which is located adjacent to the quarry in the northwest corner of the City.

Estimated Construction Start: Spring 2016
Estimated Construction Completion: Fall 2016
Estimated Cost: $4,856,801

Walnut-Myrtle-Evergreen Fact Sheet
Walnut-Myrtle-Evergreen Project Updates

walnut-myrtle-evergreen proposed stormsewer
Webster Ave Stormwater Improvement Project  

This major stormwater improvement project will include converting the existing open space located south of St. Charles Road, and east of and Fair Avenue, into a detention basin with 2.2 acre-feet of storage.  This work will also include storm sewer piping improvements at the intersection of Fair Avenue and Webster Avenue, and on Fair Avenue north of the intersection.  These piping improvements will increase the ability of the storm sewer system to carry water to the detention basin before overland flooding gets to the low point of Webster Avenue.  At the intersection the existing inlets will be replaced with larger diameter structures, additional drainage structures will be added, and all curb-line drainage structures will have directional grates intended to capture additional stormwater.  Additionally, a parallel oversized storm sewer will be installed on Fair Avenue to connect the new drainage structures to the new detention basin. 
The storm sewer improvements are designed to drain stormwater into the detention basin in heavy rainfall events only.  Light rain events will continue to be conveyed by the existing storm sewer system and not enter the detention basin.
Construction Start: November 2015
Estimated Construction Completion: Spring 2016
Estimated Cost: $281,010
 Webster Ave Project Updates

Webster_Preliminary Plan

York & Palmer Underground Stormwater Detention Project

At the intersection of York Street and Robert Palmer Drive in downtown Elmhurst, the City installed a StormTrap underground detention system. This concrete vault, measuring approximately  30’ x 69’, will provide approximately 0.21 acre-feet of stormwater detention.  Following the installation of the stormwater detention system, the parking lot was repaved with a new asphalt surface. This parking lot provides approximately 47 3-hour shopper parking spaces for people to patronize the downtown merchants.

Estimated Construction Start: 
Estimated Construction Completion: 
Estimated Cost: $

         York & Palmer Underground Detention

Geneva Ave Stormwater Improvement Project

Status: Site use has been rejected by Park District- Per Discussion at Park Board meeting on 2/10/16, the Park District is not in favor of the City's current proposal to approach the Illinois Department of Natural Resources about using the portions of the property for stormwater detention.  See Park District Board Meeting Minutes & Audio for more information (East End Park discussion begins at approximately 25:45 minutes).  As an alternate, the City purchased four properties on Geneva Ave for $1,135,000.00.  This will be designed to hold four acre feet of stormwater. 

Creating flood storage in the open space area in East End Park in conjunction with the construction of relief sewers would significantly reduce the risk of flooding for the homes in the Geneva Avenue flood problem area in Elmhurst.

Estimated Construction Start:  September 2016

Estimated Construction Completion:  December 2016
Estimated Cost: $841,000

East End Park Fact Sheet

Geneva Avenue Project Updates

Letter to Park District regarding use of land 01 13 2016