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Feb 19

Bryan Middle School: Status Update

Posted to Bryan Middle School Stormwater Improvement Project by Amanda Stuber

The City is currently awaiting a full property appraisal of the gravel lot from District 205.  Once the full appraisal is done, the City will review and continue the negotiations with District 205 on a land usage agreement.

Dec 12

Crescent/Cambridge Stormwater Improvement Project Update 12/12/16

Posted to Crescent Ave. / Cambridge Ave. Stormwater Improvement Project (York Commons) by Barbara Petrucci

Over the past few weeks on Crescent Avenue, the contractor has completed the storm sewer installation, installed new curb and sidewalk, and resurfaced the roadway.  The storm sewer work included connecting the new relief storm sewer on Crescent Avenue under the CN Railroad tracks and to the new detention basin within the western portion of York Commons Park (YCP).  At YCP the basin is now online and will take stormwater from Crescent Avenue if a major storm event occurs.  The sluice gate is being fabricated and slated for delivery and installation in late January 2017.  Excavation of the detention basin is nearly complete and once done the final restoration including topsoil, seed, and blanket will occur in early Spring 2017.


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