Mar 22

Southwest Elmhurst Stormwater Mitigation Project - Phase I Update 03-22-19

Posted on March 22, 2019 at 3:43 PM by Barbara Petrucci

The contractor has continued the installation of the 60-inch storm sewer from the detention basin towards Butterfield Road.  At the same time, the boring contractor has successfully completed the boring of the 60-inch storm sewer under Butterfield Road.  The boring contractor has removed his equipment from the boring pit to allow a large 8-foot diameter storm sewer structure to be installed.   Once the 60-inch storm sewer work in this area is completed, the boring contractor will be back to bore a 24-inch casing for the forcemain installation under Butterfield Road.

SESMP I 3-22-19

Feb 25

Southwest Elmhurst Stormwater Mitigation Project - Phase I Update 02-22-19

Posted on February 25, 2019 at 11:26 AM by Barbara Petrucci

Work commenced again this week after the contractor took a couple month break due to the winter weather conditions. This week the contractor excavated for the new pre-cast concrete wet well at the southeast corner of the basin of Euclid Avenue.  The contractor excavated the ground and installed a 37 ft. deep steel shoring system for safe excavation.  On Friday the contractor used a large crane to lift and place pieces of the pre-cast concrete wet well structure inside the shoring; thereby completing the installation of the structure. 

SESMP Phase I Update 2-22-19

Nov 09

Southwest Elmhurst Stormwater Mitigation Project - Phase I - Update 11.09.18

Posted on November 9, 2018 at 2:27 PM by Barbara Petrucci

With all sewer work north of Harrison complete, the contractor completed paving the roadway and associated restoration along Bryan, Jackson, Prospect, and Parkside. At the basin site, the contractor has been excavating for two weeks and will continue at least through the end of November. The next few weeks will also include the delivery and installation of the block retaining walls that will be placed within the basin. In December, once the basin is nearing completion, the contractor will begin connecting the newly installed storm sewer pipes along Bryan Street to the basin in order to make the basin functional.

PHASE I 11.9.18