Storm Event Resources

 Being prepared and informed is key to managing large rain events at your home and around town.
  1. Before
  2. During
  3. After
  • Sign up  for "Notify Me" Alerts through the City's website.
  • Register for CODERED.  This free service alerts residents via phone, email, and text with up to date emergency information.
  • Prepare a safety kit for your home and family to include essentials that may be needed during storm events and loss of power.  For examples of items recommended, review FEMA's "Build-A-Kit" Recommendations.
  • Review FEMA's Flood Mitigation Workshop presentation for protecting your property.
  • Learn more about flood preparedness through " Flood Awareness."
  • Home Protection and Maintenance prior to storm events is essential .  Review the City's recommendations for Home Protection & Maintenance. Considering using these suggestions, along with information from other resources, to develop a personal Home Protection Plan to enact during storm events.
  • DuPage County Stormwater Management Releases Residential Flood-Proofing Guidebook - DuPage County Stormwater Management recently released a Flood-Proofing Guidebook intended to help homeowners resolve common localized flooding issues from both underground and overland sources. Developed in partnership with Bluestem Communications, the guidebook helps homeowners identify the source of their flooding, as well as various ways to combat this flooding. Depending on the type of flooding incurred, solutions range from installing overhead sewer systems to nature-based solutions. The guidebook also includes resources for during and after a flood.