In-Construction Stormwater Projects

Southwest Elmhurst Stormwater Mitigation Project – Phase III (i.e. Saylor/Swain/Vallette Area)
Status: Conceptual Engineering Analysis is On-Going

This area was first identified in the original 2012 Comprehensive Flooding Plan by Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LTD. (CBBEL).  Options for flood reduction in this area involve either creating new large detention basin site(s) in the neighborhood or large-scale infrastructure improvements in combination with increased pumping at Salt Creek.  The infrastructure option is estimated to cost approximately $13.5 M.  The City has investigated the possibility of new detention in the neighborhood, but the fact that this area has no available open space (schools, parks, churches, etc.) between the problem area and Salt Creek would mean that residential property buyouts would be needed.  In order to achieve the desired stormwater volume for this neighborhood (8-9 ac-ft) approximately 6 to 8 contiguous homes would need to be purchased.

In an effort to further investigate large-scale infrastructure improvements the City has hired CBBEL to complete conceptual engineering analyzes.  Because the infrastructure improvements would require increased pumping along Salt Creek (Creek) City staff and CBBEL staff have met with DuPage County stormwater officials multiple times.  Pumping more water into Salt Creek would not be allowed by the County unless mitigation would occur with the project or if the increased pumping would not raise flood elevations downstream on the Creek.  To date CBBEL has completed the County’s requested stormwater modeling and the County is reviewing the submitted information.

Additionally, to date CBBEL has completed a topographic survey of both McKinley Avenue and Crescent Avenue, between Swain Avenue and Sunnyside Avenue/Rex Boulevard, which would be the likely “route” of any future infrastructure improvements between the problem area and the Creek.  Currently CBBEL staff is working to review the survey data, define the best and most cost effective route, and analyze the present day cost estimate for this project.  It is expected that CBBEL will be able to provide this info to the City late in the summer or early fall of 2018.  Once the info is presented the Public Works and Buildings Committee and the City Council will have to consider the overall cost of the project, review possible funding sources, analyze the project cost-benefit, etc.

Comprehensive Flood Plan - Southwest Infrastructure Improvements Presentation(08.24.15)

Saylor/Swain/Vallette Flooding Area Project Update Presentation (08.12.19)