Being prepared and informed is key to managing large rain events at your home and around town.

Online Resources:

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Flood Insurance & the National Flood Insurance Program

Effective Flood Insurance Rate Maps
Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps
Changes Since Last FIRM (CSLF) Map
National Flood Hazard Layer
Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA)
Home Protection & Maintenance
Home Protection & Maintenance
 If you experience overland flooding:

  • Test sump pump and battery backup.
  • Inspect and clean inlets.
  • Inspect and clean check valve.
  • Inspect and clean yard drains.
  • Make sure downspout extensions are connected and in correct positions. Extend downspouts 5-10 feet away from foundation.
  • Be prepared with sandbags for areas of your yard. Before and during large storm events, materials for sandbags are available in the parking garage of the Public Works garage at 985 S. Riverside Dr., Elmhurst.
If you experience sanitary sewer backup:

If you experience structural flooding (such as seepage):

  • If you are experiencing seepage through the foundation, it is advised to contact a waterproofing or foundation repair contractor to evaluate the conditions and recommend the correct course of action to make repairs.
Storm Event Resources
  • Sign up  for "Notify Me" Alerts through the City's website.
  • Register for CODERED. This free service alerts residents via phone, email, and text with up to date emergency information.
  • Prepare a safety kit for your home and family to include essentials that may be needed during storm events and loss of power.  For examples of items recommended, review FEMA's "Build-A-Kit" Recommendations.
  • Review FEMA's Flood Mitigation Workshop presentation for protecting your property.
  • Learn more about flood preparedness through " Flood Awareness."
  • Home Protection and Maintenance prior to storm events is essential .  Review the City's recommendations for Home Protection & Maintenance. Considering using these suggestions, along with information from other resources, to develop a personal Home Protection Plan to enact during storm events.