City Maintenance Activites

In preparation for storm events
  • A limited number of prepared sandbags will be available in the front parking lot at the Elmhurst Public Works Garage at 985 S. Riverside Drive. Sand and plastic is available to create additional sandbags if necessary.
  • Caution tape is made available at City Hall for residents to block off streets. Tape is available at the Building Department Counter at City Hall, 209 N. York Street.
  • Crews sweep low spots in preparation of heavy rains
 During storm events: 
  • Signs mounted to barricades are made to inform motoring public of underpass & street closures
  • Street Division employee will be assigned to report to work at the beginning of the predicted event to monitor the storm and to call in additional crews/resources as necessary
  • Public Works will respond to resident and staff calls/observations (during normal working hours) or the non-emergency police staff (after hours) to address clogged inlets, flooded streets, etc.