Harrison Stormwater Project PhotoThe City of Elmhurst completes both annual and capital projects to maintain the stormwater system throughout the City.  The system is comprised of a combination of storm sewer pipes, drainage structures (inlets, catch basins, manholes, and juncture chambers), pumping stations (18), open-air detention, underground detention, and SCADA network.  All of these components work together to move stormwater safely through the City to one of two watersheds: Salt Creek to the west and Addison Creek to the east.

Since 2015 the City has added 14 stormwater projects throughout the City to combat urban flooding.  In total these projects have added over 131 ac-ft of new storage.  The projects were in response to historic rain events in 2008, 2013, and 2015 that caused widespread flooding to most of Chicagoland.  With the projects, the City has added 7 modern pump stations that help dewater both the new underground and deeper project locations.  Additionally, the City has 6 existing pump stations along Salt Creek that help carry water out to Salt Creek when the creek is high.  These 6 pump stations either have been or are scheduled to be modernized in the near future (2 have already been upgraded and 1 is currently under construction).